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Technical translations

Simplify complexity and reduce turnarounds and costs in your technical translations

Technical translation agency for all your projects

Professional translators and a smart translation platform to guarantee the accuracy, quality and consistency of all your translations
  • Technical specifications
  • Operations manuals and instructions for use
  • Brochures
  • Patents
  • Technical and scientific reports
  • Technical data sheets
  • Audit reports
  • Legal contracts
  • Regulatory documents
  • Projects, plans and technical presentations
  • Marketing / press content
  • Websites and software

Optimise your technical translations with agile processes

The machine learning technology and the team of expert translators of our technical translation agency will help you to optimise your multi-language projects.


Forget about constantly editing and reviewing specific vocabulary and start relying on a Terminology Base and a Translation Library. Less than 1% of our translations require changes after delivery thanks to a solid network of expert translators and our artificial intelligence algorithms that automatically identify potential errors and generate alerts to resolve them quickly.


Get your translations 70% faster than other traditional agencies in up to 40 languages and in the formats you need. Get your quote with one click and manage your documents whenever you want through a centralised online platform.


Reduce your translation costs by up to 40%. We generate a storage and reuse system for your content that allows you to simplify processes and reduce your translation costs.


Get your translations back in the format you requested. Say good bye to compatibility or version problems! InDesign, .txt, .xml, .csv, .doc, .ppt, .pdf, .json, .xls, .xliff, or run and integration via API REST with your content manager system.

Translation Library

Automatically generate a record of frequently used phrases and specific terms to ensure the same communicative style and technical vocabulary accuracy in all your translations.

24/7 Availability

Manage all your translations from a single online platform, quickly, at any time and from anywhere. Without exchanging e-mails, waiting for quotes or reaching out to get updates on the progress of your translations. All the functionalities online and available 24/7.

Technical translation agency for specialised industries

Thanks to our team of expert professionals and our solid culture of technological innovation, at our technical translation agency we are specialised in dealing with complexity. We can ensure terminological accuracy and brand discourse consistency in four specific sectors:

Are you interested in any other sector?

Contact us and we will get you the right solution.

Frequently asked questions about technical translations

What is a technical translation?

Technical translations require adapting the translation to the level of complexity of the text as well as specific vocabulary and terminology or technical phrases.

Only an expert team of professionals with real knowledge of the industry can ensure accuracy and consistency with the communication style of the brand.

What requirements must a technical translation meet?

Technical translation should be accurate and consistent in the use of terminology, and not just for a matter of understanding; terminological or grammatical inaccuracies can generate serious consequences, either at the legal level or in terms of safety and health.

What knowledge should a technical translator have?

The technical translator must rule the roost in the field. They require a perfect understanding of the original text and be able to use the language as it is used in the target language, using specific vocabulary and forms of expression particular to the sector concerned.

In addition, the use of advanced translation tools(CAT) is a skill that will be key in optimising delivery times and costs.

As a technical translation agency, we have highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in their field of expertise.

Why are technical translations important?

A multi-language communication strategy is key for companies that want to penetrate new markets, increase sales and grow globally.

Translation is the means by which you can communicate with potential clients, distributed teams or business partners in an international scenario.

In addition, in many sectors, consistency in the technical documentation is a regulatory requirement fundamental to expanding operations.

How does technology help improve technical translations?

Operating at an international level in a context where digitalisation is gaining importance and the times to capture and satisfy demand are getting shorter, requires efficient processes.

Investing in the right processes helps companies to improve their ability to respond to market needs. Thus, a technical translation agency that helps you automate and speed up your translation projects is the best ally in your internationalisation strategy.