Translation Management

Software Localisation Platform

Automation for scaling software internationalisation

Reach new markets faster and offer a better user experience in your products. Scale your content in multiple languages and start connecting with users from all around the world, following simple, automated processes. Connect your repositories with translators and content generators on a single platform with minimal effort from the development team, to keep all messages in your software, website or digital environment up to date. Just create the new key, and the platform will do the rest! Integrations available for Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, Wordpress and Drupal , and support for +20 locale file formats.



per user / month

Unlimited words

Unlimited projects

10 language pairs

Basic Translation Editor

Automatic Glossary creation

MSOffice Package Formats

Translation Vendor Management Module

Max. 5 users

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Custom Pricing

Unlimited users

Unlimited words

Unlimited projects

Unlimited languages

Advance CAT Features

Custom Modules

Custom Workflows

Custom User Roles

Custom Feature Development

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