Online training platform

Discover Modeler, the technology that allows you to design your company's training to keep your team always prepared and up to date.

With this training management platform you will be able to create different types of modules, profiles and accesses for each person, activating or deactivating training courses according to your criteria.

Centralise all your training documents in a single digital space, and generate your content collaboratively with as many user profiles as you wish.

Invest in the digitisation of training in a profitable and accessible way, with no limit to the number of users and with the purchase of a single licence applicable to all your staff.

Modeler has been designed as a user friendly and intuitive learning virtual platform, that allows from uploading basic documents in .pdf or .docx formats, to the creation of documents with HTML5.

Change your training management, turn it into a controlled, accessible and always available digital environment. Develop a personalised and secure environment, which also works as a repository of resources and materials.

Remember that you can combine Modeler's functionalities with Gear's translation services, to offer native language training for your staff, improving understanding and retention.

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