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more than 3000 experts powered by technology

We combine software developers with expert translators, and work hand in hand to offer you the best cloud-based management platform to support international communications for industrial and technology companies looking to grow globally.

We are the perfect blend of technology and professional translation.

Translate and localise your content in an agile way - contact us today and evolve your processes!


Get translation workflows intertwined with your daily company operations and software development. Plug Gear Translations into your pipelines, whether in IT, Marketing or Content Generation departments. Drive translations with your own translation department, third-party machine translation engines or combine the platform with our expert translators. The best combination of technology and services.


70% faster turnaround with seamless workflows. Give key stakeholders access to our web application to upload content 24/7 in three simple steps or connect your repositories, drives or ERPs through our REST API and customized connectors, and get translations back in even less than 5 hours.


Reduce translation costs by 40%. Reuse content and minimize management time. The greater the volume, the greater the savings generated.


Full format compatibility. Integration with content editors, software development frameworks, version management systems. You choose the format, we follow.


Terminology Management algorithms constantly analyzes your content to identify common phrases and specific terms to ensure the same style on all communications and accuracy in domain-specific terms.

24/7 availability

Manage all your translations from a single all-in-one platform, at any time and from anywhere, without exchanging emails back and forth, waiting for quotes or constantly touching basis to get updates on progress. All features are online and constantly available for your business to never stop growing.

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