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Gear Translations

With Gear Translations you automate, accelerate, and optimise your technical translation projects to achieve accuracy and customisation. Our intelligent platform, combined with a team of expert translators highly specialised in industrial sectors, allows you to create databases of the specific terminology and expressions of your brand discourse in more than 40 languages. Ensure the accuracy and consistency of your multi-language communications.

Using machine-learning techniques, we exclude those terms and phrases that do not fit the project domain, refine the criteria for the automated creation of new translations in the shortest possible time, and simplify the review and proofreading work for our expert translators. We take your previous translations and create a single database, so by centralising all your projects, you can capitalise on your previous content and reduce costs by up to 40%.

Reduce your translation costs by applying technology, only where it works: to speed up delivery times and minimise complexity in managing translations. Centralising the management of all your translations in our platform, allows you to reuse previous translations and reduce costs by up to 40% as you generate a collection of translated texts.


Forget about constantly editing and revising domain-specific vocabulary. Less than 1% of our translations require changes, thanks to a strong network of expert translators and our artificial intelligence algorithms applied to error detection.


Get your translations 70% faster than with other traditional agencies. Get an instant quote on our online platform for the translation you need, and receive it in a few hours or exactly when you need it.


Reduce your translation costs by up to 40%. We generate a storage system for your multilingual content, to simplify management processes and reduce your translation costs. The greater the volume of translations, the greater the savings generated.


Get your translations back with no format issues. No compatibility or version problems. InDesign, .txt, .xml, .csv, .doc, .ppt, .pdf, .json, .xls, .xliff, or with integration via API REST with your content management system.

Terminology Base

Create a database of common phrases and specific terms to ensure the same style on all communications and accuracy in domain-specific terms.

24/7 Availability

Manage all your translations from a single online platform, at any time and from anywhere, without exchanging emails back and forth, waiting for quotes or constantly touching basis to get updates on the progress of your translations. All features are online and constantly available for your business.