How does Gear work?

From the moment we receive your content, your project will be assigned to a team of professionals. Each professional will be working simultaneously on a different section of content to fulfill tasks such as text analysis, translation, and editing. Therefore, all sections are worked on and evaluated by more than one qualified professional.

This peer review process ensures quality, while combined with our online structure enables the simultaneous work of different professionals on the same content to achieve unparalleled delivery speeds.

Today you can buy a professional translation online, pay with credit card, and receive your document in different languages in 60 minutes via email.

How Is Confidentiality Maintained?

All of our employees enter the team only after signing a confidentiality agreement. In addition, none of the external partners have access to the final material. We work on a secure server that does not allow partial content downloading. Your contents are only used for the purposes defined in the contract of each project.

How does payment work?

We charge on a project-by-project basis. Once the user accepts an instant quote, the project can be paid using different payment methods. Mercado Pago (Argentina) or PayPal (Rest of the World) is accepted.

How is it as fast as automatic translation?

Our fast speed is achieved by dividing the original content into smaller pieces and the collaboration of a team of professional linguists on the same file. In addition, from the very first moment, style guidelines and technical vocabulary are shared with the professional team so that they are all fully aware of the process and style. Thus, final consistency of the translated content is achieved.

How does Gear provide a higher quality compared to other translation companies?

Each translation takes us at least 3 translators that perform various tasks that ensure the quality of your translated content. Our process is based on the quality standards of the European Bureau for translation service providers. It has a minimum of three steps: Translation, editing, and final quality assurance. These three steps are very hard to achieve by a single translator, as they would be reviewing their own work with the bias that single-view process implies. We also offer unprecedented delivery times compared to the rest of the market.

If it is an online system, do I have no contact if there is a problem or edit with the translation?

Each project is tracked by our support team, which you can contact at any time via email or chat. Even the automatic emails that keep you updated on project progress can be replied to directly with questions or comments. The support team is aware of all ongoing projects and can change whatever is necessary on an ongoing project. Our support email is: support@geartranslations.com