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Get your project going without delays or long back-and-forward emails requesting turnaround times and quotes. Upload your content and get your quote instantly. With one single click, you approve the quote and your translation begins right away. You can select a turnaround time of either 5, 24 or 48 hours, or the timing that best suits your business needs.



GearCloud enables access to all your multilingual assets 24/7. Our intelligent platform not only stores your files, it also analyses your content to create data bases of frequent phrases and technical terminlogy. All different departments within your company can have access to the platform online to share multilingual assets and resources, which is useful as a support tool in their communications with clients abroad. And that's not all! The system scans the database whenever you request a new quote to exclude all previously translated content available in your translation library. GearCloud converts your contents into valuable assets and saves you money!


Translations that Fit your Products

Our translators use technological tools that enable them to be consistent and coherent with your brand message, to use specific technical vocabulary, and to maintain the right tone for your messages across different languages.

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Go international with a single line of code inserted on your website. It can be available for international visitors in all languages, and no web development or maintenance needed! As an added bonus, all your web content is stored an accessible for you at all times, and it gets updated automatically accross all languages when you make changes on your local version, as our translation software autonomously detects new content published on your site. Multilingual exposure with no development or maintenance efforts. And higher exposure means more business opportunities!


One Step Ahead

Automatic translation is not an option yet for technical business subjects. However, we all know that low-cost accurate machine translation is around the corner. When it gets it right, technical companies will start using machine translation saving themselves loads of money. The downside is that, as machine translation is based on statistical data, they will share a very similar discourse across the different languages with all other companies also using it within their sector. How will your brand discourse stand out in the future, in a market flooded with automatic standardized content, without increasing your costs? We offer you the opportunity to start capitalizing on the current business expenditure on human translations to train your personal machine editor with your content. Start customizing your future technology today to save costs in the future. It takes time. Staying ahead is the key. Contact us if you'd like to know more.

Gear Office

Gear Office

If your company uses Microsoft Office, this product is for you! Now you will be able to translate documents easily and quickly without needing to leave the editing tool you are using. You can access the store and connect our add-in to you MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents for free! You will be able to create your user and start translating straight away with just two clicks.

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