Your Translation Management Partner

All-in-one Localization and Translation Management Platform for growth-minded tech and industrial companies. Automate, accelerate and optimize your translation workflows to achieve accuracy and customization. Run our Translation Management System within your translation department or combine it with our team of expert translators highly specialized in IT and industrial sectors. Cloud-based or On-premises. Scale your reach to more than 40 languages. Ensure accuracy and consistency across company communications, from product descriptions, user manuals, work instructions and procedures to software platforms, apps or websites.

Ensure proper terminology management and centralize all translation initiatives, to capitalize on your previous content and reduce costs by up to 40%.

Localize and translate the agile way: Use technology to speed up delivery times and minimize complexity across all workflows.

  • All-in-one Translation Management Platform
  • Compatible with translation departments, trusted freelancers, third-party machine translation engines or our domain-specific translation services
  • Data anonymization to ensure content confidentiality
  • Cloud-based or On-premises

Why Gear Translations

We are a team of software developers and translators working hand-in-hand to provide the best Translation Management Platform, one that has both IT and Translation teams in mind, together working to grow your business. Get the best of both worlds and localize your content the agile way.

Business Process Digitization Software

We develop technological solutions that evolve continuously, covering the new needs of our clients, ranging from content and competitor keyword analysis tools to automated translations and applied machine learning models.