Category: Content marketing

While digital tactics might only have been part of an overall strategy before, now B2B marketers must embrace more of a digital-first focus to stay relevant and competitive. This means creating emails, blogs, webinars and more.

Videos, however are one of the most important pillars of this kind of strategy. Short, informative videos can make a point clearly and powerfully. They aren’t the only option, though, as webinars have replaced live events. Also podcasts are a great way of conveying information

This kind of efforts combined with AI automation help agencies today do more with less. It can aid in targeting, segmentation, personalization, lead scoring, predictive analytics, and even generating content.

Content marketing is all about bringing the customer the information they need right to the channels they want to consume in an entertaining and impactful way. This means thinking about their pains and issues and providing solutions not only in the form of products and services but also in their communication outlets.

Generating leads is not as easy as putting your company and products out there, but rather empathy driven content will help you round up your customer experience and focus on what your end-user really values.

The ultimate goal is to drive conversations and this also means focusing on a few key accounts rather than trying to please everyone at the same time. A wide net doesn’t mean you’ll catch more fish, you need to aim to your targets.

Embracing change is the key. Adapting your marketing strategy and trying out new approaches will help you in the long run. Quick results can always be achieved with advertising, but what you really want is to bring in customers that will stay and work with you: this means listening to them, building bridges and real connection.