The pandemic didn’t only affect the buying and selling of consumer products. The sector that provides the industry also had to adapt the way in which they reached their customers.

Sales that before happened in the context of fairs or through specialized marketing, have shifted toward ecommerce. The B2B market has been transformed and it’s necessary to use tools that before were circumscribed to consumer practices.

As time goes by, we can find more and more tech and specialized production products marketplaces. This is also linked with different challenges like competition that wants to solve itself through proven retail practices.

Although their public is corporations, solutions this sector is forced to offer are related with the retail industry: appeal to emotions, direct chats, social environments, etc.

The mere fact that the B2B sector has shifted towards ecommerce is a radical change. These companies hadn’t found themselves in the need to offer their products digitally, at least not exclusively. This is an opportunity for internationalization but also the challenge of content and message consistency and precision.