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To drive more effective campaigns that lead to more sales, B2B marketers need to know their customer. This may sound straightforward but it means building up the knowledge to recognize organizational hierarchies that depend on multiple buyer groups.

To improve sales, we need to activate consumer intent data and make it work for us. Having this kind of information improves automated decision-making and saves you time and effort. Identify early interest to know which accounts are looking for your services: prioritize your team’s activities around a higher propensity to buy. Needless to say, this data needs to come from valuable sources that are updated regularly.

For analysts, the completeness and consistency of a dataset is the most important factor when it comes to making decisions. Having the most complete and insightful data in their analysis tools will help them get some leverage.

The B2B Data Challenges

• Unifying and normalizing data and insights from disparate parts of the company.

• Creating, improving and maintaining models for the greatest impact across different scenarios, channels and target audiences.

• Implementing and integrating new technologies in a way that complements current processes.

• Ensuring resources are in place for accurate measurement and attribution feedback.

Data is everywhere, as marketers the best thing you can do is prioritize it and validate it so that it can work in your favor, improving your sales.