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At Gear Translations we specialise in industrial translations and multilingual web content management.

We understand the challenges our customers face when operating in different languages, especially in industrial sectors. Our goal is to go one step beyond translation: We offer tools that help capitalize and manage your multilingual content, simplifying the translation process, and considering cost savings a priority.

The combination of our online intelligent platform and our network of 2,000 native professional translators, allows us to provide certain advantages:

  • Accuracy: Less than 1% of our translations require changes by the client.

  • Speed: We provide fast delivery: our turnaround time is 70% faster than the industry average. Urgent delivery is possible (5 hours).

  • Significant savings: Our clients have reduced costs up to 40%. Content is stored and not charged when reused. The more you use our platform, the more you save.

  • One single point of contact: Quickly estimate and request translations into 40 different languages 24/7 through our online platform. Just a few clicks and you get your translations going.

  • Translation Library and Terminology Base: A database including all your preferred and most used terms and phrases, and a historic record of all your translated files, organised and searchable by name, date, keywords, etc.

If you want to learn more about these helpful features, book a tour in our platform here.