Take A Peek At The New Features Available on GearTranslations' Platform in 2019

In 2018, we have successfully tackled many exciting challenges, and this year we keep moving forward launching new functionalities to optimise your translation projects! Learn all the details on our first post of the year.


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The year 2018 has been packed with new challenges that allowed us to continue growing and move forward in improving the service and solutions we offerour clients.

We are very excited by all the good news that has brought us this year that comes to an end. And we would like to take this opportunity to tell you about the enhancements we made on our Platformover the last few months, which will be made available to our clients free of charge as of February 2019.

New Features 2019

The new features available that our customers can start enjoying right away are:

  • More Languages: Korean, Bulgarian, Latvian, Malay, Thai, Croatian, Flemish.


  • Billing Options: It is now possible to manage different companies (company names) and departments r to specify personalized item descriptions in your invoices with two clicks, without having to request changes or clarifications.



  • Keep Track of Quotes. You can now manage your translation requests more easily. Just request a quote and give green light later, when it gets approved by your organization without having to repeat the process. This feature will be available in February!
  • Instant Website Quoting. If you need a quote for translating your website or online store into one or more languages, now it’s easier than ever. All you have to do is enter the URL of your website and select the corresponding languages, the type of translation you need, and the delivery date. Website translation in a couple of clicks.


  • Multiple users within the same account to unify available credits and terminology base. This new functionality makes the management of translations for the entire company more efficient and allows, for example, to share translations between the marketing and export departments. In addition, different permissions can be established for each user.
  • Integrations with content management systems (CMS) for e-commerce platforms such as Drupal or Prestashop. With this functionality, the updating of online catalogues to all the languages needed is streamlined and, thus, easier for all people involved. You simply modify the information of a product page in the original language and we propagate each update to that same product page in other languages.
  • Keyword Extractor: This feature allows you to analyse any website of your interest/documents and perform a keyword analysis. Thus, you can discover the SEO positioning keywords usedor analyse unstructured data to get key terminology.


  • Upload multilingual content: Now you can use your multilingual assets (files you have available in several languages previously translated) to generate your database of phrases and frequent technical-specific terms, and it will be automatically included in your translation library, and thus discounted in future translation projects including similar phrases.


  • Enterprise Data Anonymization Tool: This feature masks identifiable information in sensitive corporate documents such as contracts, sales proposals, business reports or any other business-critical document, fully customizable.

Optimized Machine Translation

Furthermore, at Gear Translations we want to offer our clients the possibility of using the latest technology to speed up and optimise the costs of their translations.

We have developed a tool based on Machine Learning to provide you with optimized machine translations.

How does it work?

For those clients for whom we have already developed a terminology base specific to their industry sector, we have made available a machine translation option, optimised with their own specialized vocabulary, in predefined language pairs, and suitable for general standard content.

Therefore, Gear Translations Platform solves one of the most significant problems of machine translation: We are able to customise general machine translation with the particular business context of each client by factoring in the client’s own terminology base. In addition, our service includes final proofreading by a professional translator to ensure that it reflects the original.

Of course, this new tool does not replace professional expert translation with double verification recommended for technical and business-critical content or the creation of a corporate terminology base, but it is interesting for the translation of generic information.

The language combinations available include: English>Spanish>Portuguese (BR)>English/Spanish, Italian>English/Spanish, German>English/Spanish.

Forward Movement

These new features give our clients access to an expanded and easier-to-manage technical translation service to optimize their translation strategies and reach new markets faster and better prepared.

We too have received a push :)

Just a few weeks ago, independent asset manager firm Bewater Funds selectedGear Translationsas part of its portfolio, and will participate in our capital increase to take place this month. This push allows us to continue growing, develop new solutions for our clients, and lead the technical translation of professional texts in Western markets.

Thanks to our clients, team, and friends. We wish you a 2019 full of challenges to face together!