Translation Solutions For The Fintech Sector

Find out what a translation service should offer to address the Fintech sector. The growing global adoption of Fintech requires the incorporation of translation solutions for this sector.


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According to a study by Ernst & Young Global Limited published in 2017, in Spain 37% of the population is currently a regular user of Fintech services (finance + technology), ranking 6th worldwide in the adoption of financial services through modern technology.

The transactions most commonly used by Fintech advocates are online payments or transfers and online lending and financial consulting. New technologies allow these transactions to be carried out in a simple way with greater speed and convenience, advantages users undoubtedly value. In addition, the use of Fintech, instead of traditional options, saves time and costs, which has led to rapid adoption by consumers.

In addition to a more dynamic way of accessing financial services through innovative technology, users also appreciate it when the information is in their mother tongues.

These rising sectors also require translation services. How to choose a translation service for the Fintech sector?

Translation solutions for the Fintech sector

The following four aspects are key to ensuring quality in a translation service for the Fintech sector:

Accuracy and consistency

In the financial sector, the presence of a numerical error in its data or an inaccurate or incorrect term in one of its clauses would be unimaginable. This is a sector that must guarantee security and be trustworthy, thus accuracy and consistency are essential to any communication. For this reason, in the translation of financial content, terminology accuracy and rigour in documents that cannot lead to ambiguities or misinterpretations are essential.

At Gear Translations, we have a team of highly qualified professionals and a tested process to ensure the accuracy and consistency of our translation service for the Fintech sector. Our intelligent platform analyses the translated contents and create a Terminology Database where technical and specific phrases and terms are listed with different levels of senior expert verification.

With this methodology, we are able to avoid human errors and carry out translations in a more agile way. Without a doubt, it makes a clear difference when it comes to quality technical translations.


The Fintech sector is developing at great speed. There is an increasing need for translation services associated with this field, and clients require translation service providers to adapt to their fast growing rate. And they must be able to always maintain high quality translations when the demand for their services increases and they have to deal with large volumes of content.

Our work methodology integrates the technological advances of an online platform and a large global community of translators to ensure accurate technical translations into more than 20 languages and on-time delivery within hours.

Agile processes

The Fintech industry is extensive in the use of technology, in fact, most of the businesses or solutions that are emerging are based on the use of technology. So, the sector needs tailor made solutions not only proficient but also agile to ensure users continue to be served without delays.

For this reason, at Gear Translations, we provide a centralized, online technology platform to manage all translation projects (Translation Library) in multiple languages simultaneously, where the client is free to establish the deadline they need, different translation levels, compatible with multiple formats, get access to a Terminology Base with all the specific vocabulary always available and automatic alerts to constantly be aware of the progress of each translation.

Experience in the sector

To do these translations, it is not only necessary to know about finance but also to be up to date on the latest jargon in use and current technology trends.

Our translators have a perfect understanding of how the financial world works. We can help you with the translation for the Fintech sector of technical and commercial documents such as:

  • Financial Statements and Annual Reports.
  • Legal contracts.
  • Audit reports.
  • Tax related documentation.
  • Insurance policies and claims.
  • Application documents for mortgages or loans.
  • Income tax returns.
  • Investment Termsheets.
  • Compliance programs.
  • Cash flow statements.
  • Data sheets and balance sheets.
  • Macroeconomic trend reports.
  • Marketing contents.
  • Press releases.
  • Websites and software applications.
  • Brochures of bonds and stocks.

At Gear Translations, we have a team of translators specialized in technical translations and a production system based on state-of-the-art technology that guarantees the quality and agility of translations for the Fintech sector.

If you would like us to support the internationalization of your Fintech operations, you can request your instant quote online with just a couple of clicks or create afree user account to easily manage your translations according to your needs.