Marketing: A challenge yet to be tackled by industrial companies

Adapting to new technologies to improve sales, seeking internationalisation and developing specific marketing strategies are the major challenges industrial companies are faced with.


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Perhaps when you hear the word marketing you think only of a relationship between companies and end consumers, the general population. However, there is another type of marketing that is becoming increasingly more important, but much less visible: The one carried out within the productive sector, that is, at industrial companies.

We do not always sell to the individuals, commercial transactions between companies are common. You buy goods for manufacturing processes, you buy technologies, and you buy raw materials. If you have a company, you know that industrial marketing exists, but have you stopped to think about its importance?

This type of marketing is very different from that which is carried out when the product is intended for mass consumption. When the client is another company, any campaign must be planned considering expertise and internationalisation, as the industrial sector is increasingly diversified and any expansion or communication strategy must be adapted to this fact. The question is: Are industrial companies ready for it?

Industrial marketing in Spain

Reality shows that industrial marketing is a challenge yet to be tackled in Spain. At least this is shown by a study carried out by the advertising agency Connext. According to their analysis, Spanish companies focus their efforts on increasing sales, which is natural, but they don’t show the same concern, and they should, about building client loyalty or achieving more extensive business contacts.

The most basic strategies fail. Sometimes, due to the lack of experience of marketing departments. And other times they do it because they lack technology tools and resources that help improve communication with the client and make business relations more fluid.

In this context, what can industrial companies do to improve their marketing techniques? It is essential to start in two areas:

Digital transformation: We all know that most business transactions are done today with technology tools and procedures, therefore, Internet is a critical tool of industrial marketing.

In this sense, it is important to improve websites, work on digital content and design specific campaigns. These strategies improve the image of industrial companies, generate trust in potential clients and help to build loyalty. It is very simple to understand: Internet is like a storefront, so companies must strive to improve, refresh and offer relevant business content to help attract clients.

Internationalisation: The goal of any company is to sell, and today’s markets are becoming wider and have fewer barriers. New technologies are the most effective tools to cross borders and reach new clients and new markets. However, in order to do so, we must have clear objectives, means, and strategies.

How can translations help industrial companies?

Considering this need to open up to new markets with new business, commercial and marketing strategies, the communication process is the key piece. And not only when it comes to communications, but also to make sure clients in other markets understand the message and the value proposition, and this is achieved with websites, sales materials, product documentation, etc. being the language of the international buyer.

This applies to any type of content: Press releases, presentations, product sheets, conventional advertising campaigns, information dossiers, labels, legal documentation, and digital content. All this communicational pieces need accurate translations.

Translations into several languages help open up markets and build trust in the product and the company.

A language can become a barrier or an opportunity. In this sense, it is important to know the markets and cultural characteristics of each country/area in order to adapt the translations and ensure that brand communication is consistent in all languages and, in turn, adapted to the context of the new market.

The use of new technologies and platforms such as Gear Translations enables you to have quality technical translations in a centralised, online access environment, where you can set project deadlines and translate corporate content into more than 20 languages without losing your brand consistency and personality.

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