Translation Services For Industrial Automation And Robotics

High-tech industries require translation services for industrial automation and robotics that ensure accuracy.


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In a constantly changing world, in which technological innovations take place one right after another at a dizzying rate, it is essential to take care of every detail so as not to lose competitive advantages. One important aspect to consider is product or machinery specifications in industrial processes. This category of information is becoming increasingly complex and specialized.

Having a highly qualified translation service for the industrial automation and robotics sectors can be the difference that determines success in this competitive race to win the market. Why? Because it’s not just about translating, it’s about accurately and rigorouslyunderstand manuals, instructions and other professional materialsso that the contents are perfectly clear for the end user or distributor to understand.

And they must be completed fast. The speed at which technological developments are taking place makes it necessary to reduce the time associated to the various production and marketing phases of the go-to-market strategy, including the management of all technical information involved.

Key Features Required in Translation Services For Industrial Automation And Robotics

Technical translations are particularly complex because they require in-depth knowledge of the terminology involved in each industrial process. For this reason, they must comply with a series of critical requirements:


There are resources available to improve the quality of technical translations. These are databases including glossaries and phrases that are constantly updated, enabling the automatic verification of translated texts. Having this type of tool minimises human errors, speeds up translation processes, and saves costs.

The Gear Translations platform analyses the translated content and creates a Terminology Base, i.e. a database of frequently used technical/specific sentences and terms. The technical jargon in your field of work is always accessible online so you can search for specific vocabulary easily. In addition, through the Translation Library you can consult previously translated texts at any time.

Efficient Processes

Automation is essential to speed up the workflow. Being able to coordinate the translation of the same technical document into several languages is one of the starting points. Having quick access to the platform and good online support means that production is never interrupted.

At Gear Translations, we offer our clients a centralised platform to carry out all their translation tasks, with simultaneous translation in more than 20 languages, and various turnarounds according to the need of each project, with deadlines as tight as delivery in 5 hours.


In addition to the automation of processes, the human factor continues to play an important role in technical translation. A team of highly qualified professionals is needed, with knowledge of industrial processes and technical terminology.

Knowledge and experience make it possible to edit machine translations when necessary to ensure the best results.

Our system allows different translation levels according to the complexity of the content to be translated. Thus, we ensure an expert level in technical translations through senior reviewers and with expertise in the industry.

Ability to work in different formats

The variety of contents and media requires any translation service aimed for automation and robotics to ensure translations of all types of documents and in all types of formats.

At Gear Translations we guarantee the translation of:

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • Technical manuals.
  • User guides.
  • Packaging information.
  • Safety instructions.
  • Environmental safety information.
  • Marketing material for distributors.
  • Websites and digital content.
  • Software

All this is what Gear Translations offers to your company. Professionalism, experience and a database with a constantly updated glossary that allows accurate translations.

With just one click you will have a quote, a professional translation into one or more languages, adapted to your needs. From machine translation for less complex documents to expert proofreading when required. It’s your choice. You’ll be notified when the task has been completed, and you can count on our commitment to scrupulously meet deadlines.

Time savings, cost savings and accurate translations. Simply create your free account and start enjoying the benefits of our platform.