Best Countries To Internationalise A Spanish Company

The Caixabank index delves into the countries in which it is easier to internationalise a Spanish company. Discover the markets offering the best opportunities and the keys to specialised translation services.


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If there is one goal that all companies pursue, it is the expansion of their operations. In a globalised world where borders are blurred, seeking new markets is essential for survival. Even if yours is a small company or a recently created one, international markets ensure the company has a future.

Now, does any market work? Probably not. Not all countries offer the same possibilities. When the objective is to internationalise a Spanish company, it is necessary to calmly analyse all the possibilities. According to the latest edition of the CaixaBank Index for Business Internationalisation (ICIE), it is easier to achieve this in countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, France, the Netherlands and Germany.


Analysis criteria

Today we are used to trading without limitations. On a personal level, you can order an electronic device from a Chinese company or a pair of slippers from an American company over the Internet. All the more so when it comes to the business world.

But when it comes to expanding a company, the processes involved are more complicated and we should keep an eye on key information, such as that offered by the CaixaBank Index, which includes an analysis on the conditions for doing business in 67 countries. What variables have been taken into account?

  • Accessibility: Factors such as closeness to Spain, transport means or the quality of infrastructures come into play here.
  • Ease of operation: In short, the possibilities of starting a business without obstacles. This variable includes aspects that range from time needed to apply for certain permits all the way to labour conditions.
  • Commercial attractiveness: There is little point in introducing a product into a market without possibilities. That’s what this indicator values.
  • Financial framework: It delves into aspects such as the possibility of loans or financing options.
  • Stability: Both economic as well as political and institutional.

Let’s say we have decided where to internationalise a Spanish company. What’s next?

You know where it’s easiest for your expansion projects to succeed. You have a clear objective and a market that seems appropriate. The time has come to overcome an important obstacle: The language and cultural barrier. And this aspect should not be underestimated, because everything from how fast you complete a procedure to the communication with intermediaries/distributors, to -something very important- the impact of your product on the market and whether it reaches the potential consumers may depend on a good translation.

How can a translation platform like Gear Translations help when internationalising a Spanish company? A specialized translation platform can add value in key stages along the entire process:

  • Legal documentation: From drafting all types of contracts to completing requests, administrative procedures, insurance or invoices. Clarity and accuracy in any legally binding document is essential. The smallest of translation mistakes in this area may result in disastrous consequences.
  • Product: The product must reach the consumer with all its labelling, user instructions, or useful information in a perfectly understandable language and in accordance with the regulations in force in each market.
  • Marketing: In this field, professional translation services are particularly important. Why? Because it is not just a question of translating content, it has to do with adapting the brand discourse to the culture and linguistic style of the country in which you want to market your product or service.

What to consider when selecting a trusted provider

Adapting the brand discourse and value proposition to a new target market without losing the company’s identity and carrying out an effective communication strategy require working with expert translation providers with agile processes that adapt to the company’s needs at all times.

Factors such as technical specialisation, the ability to manage multilingual translations within tight deadlines, and easy-to-manage workflows are key factors when it comes to eliminating the language barrier and having reliable resources supporting the internationalisation strategy.

At Gear Translations we simplify processes. Our platform allows you to get a quote online within seconds, place orders with just a few clicks, and translate content into up to 21 languages simultaneously within turnaround times as short as 5 hours.

And the most important part: We specialise in industrial and technical translation, offering various translation levels to suit the complexity of the content. We work with multiple formats and provide you with a Terminology base and translation library so you can have access to all your translations at all times.

If you want to discover all the benefits of our platform, just sign uptoday. We will take care of translating your content so you can focus on growing your business.