Driving Drug Development With Translation Solutions For The Pharmaceutical Industry

Translation services for the pharmaceutical industry are essential not only in the marketing of the product, but also in the research and approval phases. Without effective translations, the drug may never reach the market, or even not be developed at all.


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Today, the development pace of the pharmaceutical industry is dizzying. Laboratory research is becoming more diversified and complex. In such development many factors play a role: The work of great professionals and increasingly sophisticated means, financial resources, and also a series of services that, although they remain in the background, have a decisive impact on each of the stages of product development.

One of these fundamental services is the translation for the pharmaceutical industry. In this sense, a good use of the language and the correct translation of terminology is essential, as it cannot be forgotten that we are dealing with matters affecting people’s health.

Companies with global aspirations include translation services in their business strategy since language or the correct interpretation of industrial content cannot affect or slow down costly research studies involving many resources.

Translation in the development process

One of the essential phases of any pharmacological research is clinical trials. Trials that are not always conducted in the country where the laboratories are based.

These trials require volunteers and one of the essential aspects to get participants is clear, efficient and truthful information, so that they understand perfectly what the trial consists of, its phases, and its purpose: Essential data for them to agree to participate. But it is also important that the laboratory has at its disposal reliable and verified data on the suitability of trial participants.

In this sense, translation services for the pharmaceutical industry operate in two directions. On the one hand, to translate the content of the questionnaires into the native language of the potential volunteers, so they understand the content and questions and fill in the information accurately. On the other hand, to properly translate that personal information they provide so that it reaches the laboratory without any error or involuntary misrepresentation.

To ensure regulatory compliance

The research and development of new drugs after testing their efficacy is important. But before they can be placed on the market, they still have to pass some tests. In the case of Europe, it is the European Medicines Agency the entity that must approve them, after carefully examining all aspects of the product to be launched on the market as well as all related documentation.

These inspections concern not only formulation, safety, and quality, but also to the information accompanying the product. The authorities will review all registers and documents related to the research and development process. Leaflets, packaging, and labels need to be accurately translated into each of the languages in which the product is to be marketed. It is not a minor issue, a poorly indicated posology or a poorly expressed contraindication can have disastrous consequences.

A translation service for the pharmaceutical industry can solve the problem. But even in this aspect we have to be cautious. It’s not just about translating languages, it’s about managing and understanding complex concepts and terminology that covers disciplines ranging from biochemistry to medicine. It is therefore advisable to have a provider specialized in technical translations.

To support product marketing

Once the development phase is over, the drug can be marketed. But the mere fact of having the authorization to produce and distribute a medicinal product does not guarantee positive returns (bearing in mind that pharmaceutical patents are valid only for 6-10 years).

To market medicines, the pharmaceutical industry has to make a huge marketing effort to reach potential customers. And it needs its campaigns to be built with specific and effective content to convey trust and reliability.

Translation of commercial and marketing content is essential for pharmaceutical companies to have a global reach with attractive and locally relevant content. And thus increasing the chances of getting sales during the last stage of the drug development process.

As we have seen, translation services for the pharmaceutical industry are important not only in the marketing of the product, but also in the research and development phases. Without effective translations, the drug may never reach the market.

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