How Gear Translations Accelerates Your Translation Projects ​

Having the right processes and resources allows you to speed up your translation projects. We tell you how Gear Translations helps you optimize the process.


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Translating the relevant content needed to carry out an effective internationalisation strategy can be time-consuming. Even when you outsource.

If you don’t work with an intelligent translation platform, the process requires finding the right supplier plus the time-consuming task of coordinating of the translation work. This, many times, involves a lot of emails, calls, etc. to ensure that all translations are completed on time.

Here’s how we can help you speed up your translation projects and eliminate bottlenecks that can cause delays.

Accelerate your translation projects

Centralized and online management

Gear Translations allows you to manage all your translation projects from one single platform, with online access for all team members involved in the process.

This way, the process is simplified and begins with just a couple of clicks: Upload the content, select the language, and set the delivery date you need.

In addition, you can check the progress of your Ongoing Projects to see the status of each delivery, or recover any previous translation under the Finished Projects section.

Get your quote online

You can get an exact quote on your translation project automatically in a few seconds, without delays, and for all the content and languages you may need.


A single supplier for all languages

When you need to outsource the translation of corporate content into several languages at the same time, the process becomes more complex if you work in a decentralized manner.

This not only involves coordinating translation projects with multiple providers, but also aligning deadlines and ensuring consistency across all translated versions.

With Gear Translations, you can start all the translations you need in up to 21 languages simultaneously, from one single access and setting the deadlines as you deem appropriate.

Of course, our team ensures the consistency of all translations with the communicational style of your brand.

And, when it comes to using your translations, all versions of each file in multiple languages are listed together and available for download with one click, so you don’t have to recover them from different folders or locate them going through your mailbox.

Establish deadlines

With our platform you can set the delivery date and time you need with just a couple of clicks. Without having to wait for confirmation from the supplier or to negotiate dates.

Multilingual delivery is available in 5 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours or whenever you deem appropriate.

And all translations are received on the due date, without delay.

Different translation types

Our system allows you to request different types of translation according to the level of complexity of the text, from pure machine translation, machine translation optimized by a translator, professional translation and professional translation with expert senior verification.

This way, you can get expert technical translationswith one click.

Multiple formats available

Being able to send your translations in multiple formats is another advantage of Gear Translations that allows you to speed up your translation projects since you don’t have to convert your texts to another format.

We can work with the following formats:


Terminology Base and Translation Library

Gear Translations’ platform features a Terminology Base and a Translation Library to easily search for specific vocabulary and technical phrases already translated so you don’t have to go through all your files to find a particular term, and you have a data base with all the technical terminology of your area always available.


Automatic notifications when the translation is finished

Our platform also optimizes the process when the work is finished. The system sends an automatic notification to your email with a link to the corresponding file. So you know immediately when the translations are ready and you can use them faster.


At Gear Translations we help companies within a variety of sectors and of all sizes develop their internationalisation strategies. You can sign up for free and start optimizing your translation projects today!