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At Gear Translations, we help many businesses and professionals to improve their efficiency by integrating our translation software platform to their communication flow.

Discover below exactly how GearTranslations helps Health&Beauty, Safety and Manufacturing Companies internationalize their products. Your company could be the next success case! Read on.

New Markets are 5 hours Away!

A medium-sized health and beauty company struggled to obtain product descriptions and instruction manuals for their French and German products in Spanish and Eastern European languages for their new markets.

The company found, with Gear Translations, a way to reduce the time it took for them to find translators in these language combinations and thus access new markets quicker.

We gave them access to our online platform so all employees involved in the export and import process were able to upload texts with just 3 clicks for any language they may require.

With our help, the company now has access to technical translations in multiple languages – and available within 5 hours!


GearCloud – Your content, your asset

A safety company experienced delays in releasing their products into Latin America due to not having translated copies of English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese operation manuals and general information for local distributors. This affected communications with distributors affecting their sales closing rate in the new market.

They decided to invest in the translation of this material but were worried about the ongoing costs of always having to translate all new information into two languages. Access to our GearCloud resulted in a reduction of 40% in ongoing translation costs, thanks to reusing translated content. The company now has turned translated content into an asset, with 1500 lines of valid technical phrases for reusing.

GearCloud can be accessed by all employees involved in the launch process and the marketing department. Translations are accessible to teams all around the world, allowing flexibility and globalisation and yet being consistent in brand communications.

Gear Translations improved the time it takes for this company to launch products into a new market from an average of 60 to 15 days, plus a streamlined process for marketing communications to be distributed across all company’s offices.


A translation API or how to go global with a simple software integration

An online tour operator, who generates commission-based earnings on the bookings made through their platform, found out that many of the active hotels on their platform only posted their offers in the English language. As a result, it experienced less reservations volume from Latin American, German, and Eastern European tourism compared to those that actually have localized their offers.

The tourism operator took swift action and integrated the whole platform via API with our translation software. Now thousands of boutique hotels are able to leverage their business by clicking on a simple “Translate” button integrated into the same profile they use daily to update their offers.

With one easy click, Gear Translations sends out versions of their publications in multiple languages to leverage international sales.


Your company speaks its own language: Technical Terminology Base

A global power generator equipment manufacturer needs to publish its blog entries in five different languages: English, French, Portuguese, German, and Russian as they do business across the main European markets.

They needed their news to be online in five languages at once for all markets. The company have struggled to maintain a level of consistency in the technical vocabulary required in each language and in achieving a reasonable synch in the publication timeframes across the different markets.

With Gear Translations’ web access and technical terminology base, they can translate consistent technical notes for each market and press releases within 5 hours.

Our platform keeps a record of technical vocabulary and phrases in the five languages to always be used in the same manner and style across all of the company’s communications.

The company now has records amounting to 750 entries of technical terminology and phrases in three months, which are available online as linguistic support for communications from employees to external clients as well as for the drafting of new blog entries and press releases.

This helps the manufacturing company maintain a high level of technical consistency across their markets.

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