Advertising global campaigns on Adwords is the best way to connect your services with the target market audience that demands them. In short, Adwords allows you to attract more potential clients by increasing your online exposure, directing new visits to your website, increasing sales online, and motivating your customers to buy again. To get your global campaign up and running for optimum ROI, we’ll explain: how to segment it, what tools to use to determine your target market audience, how to design a global campaign to access new foreign markets, and the functions required to derive your online traffic to your physical store.

Identify your target market audience, discover how they behave and draw up your global campaign strategy

Before starting your global campaign, you must stop and think about yourtarget market audience. Building a tailored online sales strategy for each type of potential clients is key for your global campaign to work. One of the strengths of Google Adwords is that it allows you to reach different market destinations beyond your borders, offering you the possibility to segment your global campaigns according to the geographic location of the market destination you want to target. Undoubtedly targeting ads for all languages can help you reach more potential customers, but it is advisable to have a professional translation of your ads. The more market destinations you address, the more overseas clients you can acquire. If you are an internet business, don’t miss the opportunity to internationalise and expand into new foreign markets. Google Adwords will allow you to promote your services in every market destination that interest you and expand your network of overseas clients.

Your Adwords strategy should include in-depth analysis of your target market audience’s preferences and behaviour. Tools like Google Trends or Google Keyword Planner (which we will explain later) are very useful for knowing the most common searches carried out by your market destination. You can select these keywords and include them in your global campaigns.

The goal of your strategy should be to reach the right potential clients at the right time. Simple, right?, Well, to achieve this you have to know how your target market audience behave online.It’s important that you put yourself in the shoes of your potential clients. Before you create the first ad campaign, take the time to create a mental profile of those you are trying to reach, taking into account their preferences, habits and traits. These details become important when your business wants to undergo international expansion, especially when you decide to go to new foreign markets to increase sales abroad and secure new overseas clients. In these cases, when you translate the ads, each word is key, so the importance of having professional translations allows you to advertise the right message to your international consumers.

To know the behaviour of your target market audience on the internet, as mentioned before, Google offers you tools like Google Trends that allows you to explore search trends based on different parameters. This tool is very useful to know the popularity of searches based on geographical location or to combine different terms to find the most popular one that can relate to your products. Another interesting tool is the Keyword Planner, this free Google Adwords tool gives you access to the most popular keywords and ad groups, offering you options and allowing you to get historical statistics. It also lets you know the possible performance of a list of keywords and even create a list of keywords combining several lists of terms. These tools will also allow you to define the name and content of your global campaign. You need to determine where to place the ads, depending on how you want your future customers to act, depending on whether you are looking for them to buy online or refer them to your physical store, the location and content of the global campaign will change. In addition, you’ll be able to select the campaign type, the networks you are going to show, the devices you are going to receive from, or the geographic locations and languages, bids, budget, and ad extensions.

Optimise your results: launch into new foreign markets

A successful global campaign must have advertising messages embodied in words, which have to meet two basic conditions: to be understood and to impact, conditions that are closely related to the language and psychology of potential clients. The importance of designing a global campaign of this type, of having a very precise translation tool, timely in terms of speed and, if possible, not very expensive, is deduced.

How do you advertise at a global level? Advertising at a global level in more than one market destination allows you to show your ads to customers in specific cities, regions or countries, or within a specific radius from your company or store, thus increasing business opportunities in foreign markets.

For this reason, targeting ads for all languages can help you reach more potential clients. Language targeting settings are set in the global campaign, so if you set up targeting across multiple languages, it is recommended that youcreate a campaign for each. This way, an ad you have written in a language will also appear on a site where it is written in the same language. This can be useful if you target ads to foreign markets where multiple languages are spoken, such as Canada or the US. And you have ads in different languages. Don’t forget to have a professional translation for your Adwords campaigns or you won’t be able to reach your target market audience effectively.

Although your global campaign is always targeted to searches with a matching interface language, the campaign can also be targeted to searches or sites on the Google Display Network that will detect the targeting language. Example: There are five languages to which Adwords advertising can be targeted, which are sufficient to identify the language of the search: Korean, Greek, Hebrew, part of Japanese and Thai. That is, if you have the keyword λουλούδια (“flowers” in Greek) in a global campaign whose target language is Greek, the ad can be published for any potential client looking for λουλούδια, even if the language of your interface is Spanish.

Where do you want to direct your potential clients?

Do you want them to get in touch with you, to buy through your website or to go to your physical store? If you want them to come to your store in person you can highlight their location information in the ads, or you may prefer for them to call you on the phone or fill out an online contact form. You can add this and other options to your ad withad extensions and thus direct your online traffic to the end point of sale whether it’s online or physical.

On Google search sites: Your ads can show on Google Search, Google Shopping, and Google Maps when a user searches with their keywords. When a user searches on Search Network sites that are associated with Google to display Adwords ads, such as AOL, ads can be displayed next to or above search results, or on other relevant pages on the Network Search.

Overall, the success of an Adwords campaign lies in the words, and if it is a global campaign with potential clients located in foreign markets, which speak a different language, you shouldn’t spare the means to translate the ads with precision, opportunity and at a balanced cost. Your potential clients are out there, maybe just not in your domestic market!

Don’t miss the opportunity to internationalise and boost sales abroad!