Choosing the Right Translation Service for your Business

Quality comes first for reliable translation companies


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When we see translation companies ads on the market, it’s impossible not to notice that they all seem to agree on something: to offer the best translation quality. But what is quality when it comes to translations?

We could provide you with many definitions on this subject and perhaps not all would agree on the same aspects but, even so, there are some crucial points that must be considered if we want to speak of a translation quality:

The content is not altered

There must be a correct transfer of the contents of the source text to the target text.

The tone is sacred

We must take care of certain fundamental aspects such as the terminology, vocabulary, expressions and specific technicalities that are used in the original text when creating the translation so that the final document is as faithful as possible.

Avoid mistakes

The grammar is fundamental and the special attention in the spelling, punctuation and syntax, as well as the correct transcription of dates, names, data, etc. In the target language is a required item.

Style is not lost

A quality translation is appropriate in style and forms of the language for the purposes of the text and the intention of its author.

Translation companies should take these points into account if they want to talk about the quality of their translation services, but there are also other crucial points, such as quality and management certification according to national and international standards, speed of response to customer concerns and compliance with translation delivery deadlines.

These last two points can only be achieved by the translation companies that manage efficient management in their translation processes. At present, with the implementation of new IT technologies, this can be carried out through a semi-automated process with the help of human translators during project management and translation quality verification.

This semi-automated online management process offers speed and above all, simplifies the translation process! The customer makes an order online and given an instant quote and direct access to payment options.

Once the quote is approved, the professional translator will receive the text they need to translate. They’ll analyse the content and a team of professional translators and editors will check its quality throughout the translation process.

Once the translation is complete and its quality of the final document has been verified, the client will receive the translations via email, which they can download immediately. It’s as simple as that!

In this way, resources are used more efficiently in order to benefit the customer, ensure unprecedented translation delivery speed in the market, and following rigorous quality controls established under the European standard EN15038.

Now you know, don’t be fooled! Analyse these factors when choosing a translation company that truly offers quality service and fast delivery!