Long Text Translators: Free, Economical or Professional?

How do you communicate with overseas clients?


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You’ve received a document from your overseas client in a foreign market and you need to translate it. You’re looking for a long text translator online that’s free, of course, that’s the type of translation everyone looks for at first.

Try the most popular and recommended translators, for example Google Translate. Although their quality is poor and translations are not 100% accurate, they give you an idea about what the text is about

Now that you understand, you need to use some of that material in your presentation to local sales. Note that these translation aren’t of a high level. If you’re presenting material to your overseas clients, you want the translations to be accurate in order to gain their confidence and come across as professional. You’re trying to sell your product, you wouldn’t jeopardise closing sales abroad by not investing in professional translations of presentation and all multilingual content. You need translations that sounds natural and here’s the solution for you:

Are these free long text translators useful for any document?

The answer is a big NO. Long online translators are not recommended for technical, business, or literary texts, as they work with software that translates word for word or translates short phrases. Long online translators are subject to spelling, syntax and grammar mistakes. In addition, translations which industry-specific vocabulary, technical translations, need to be carried out by a human translator who knows the subject matter inside out and has experience with all of the appropriate terminology.

At GearTranslations we specialise in technical and business translations, and our strength, in addition to the quality of our work, is the speed with which we translate our clients’ documents.

The process is very simple: you visit our site, upload the document you want to translate, you accept the immediate quote, a specialised translator analyses it, and we assign your translation project to a team of professional translators and editors who will attend to it. Within 5 hours you’ll have the translation sent to you by email, translated by experts. Yes, 5 hours! The process is super efficient and controlled. You don’t have to worry about anything, since there are agreements of confidentiality and quality controls at every moment of the process.

Is the cost of hiring a professional translator high?

No, and remember that ‘free’ and ‘cheap’ sometimes become a whole lot more expensive down the line. You should always think that the cost of mistranslating a document, using free online long text translators that aren’t suitable for complex texts, can be much greater by generating misunderstandings or irreversible errors in your business.

We work with the best rates in the translation market. No one can overcome the speed and efficiency of our translation process. We always deliver high quality translations, according to the highest standards of the market, and we adapt to the large volumes of translation with prices that are more than accessible.

In addition, the quote is made online, without commitments and can be paid with any credit card, PayPal or Mercado Pago.

So now you know that long online translators will complicate more things that they’ll solve and the language barrier will continue to be a massive problem for those companies who wish to use these types of translators. Don’t hesitate to contact usif you’re looking for a high quality translation in the shortest possible time!