How to become a good freelance translator

Key qualities required for the translation industry


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After thinking about it for a long time, finally, you’ve decided to be independent and become a freelance translator. First of all, welcome!

As you know, working freelance offers a lot of advantages over work in dependency relationship. You can manage your schedules, or choose which projects you are interested in working on and which are not. You can work in your bed, in a bar, at your dining room table or wherever you want.

Now, not everything is rosy and if you want to maintain a fluid flow of work, you must clarify certain details in order to sustain this lifestyle.

Ensure effective communication with employees and clients

Strengthen your communication tools! Communication throughout the translation process is vital. A freelance translator spends her days in front of the computer and the most contact they have with clients is through email. You should make sure you have a good internet connection and have a smartphone with you so that you can check your email at those times when you are not at home. Clients may try to contact you if they want their translations edited or updated.

Join the community of professional translators

It’s good to have ties with other professional translators who can lend you a hand and with whom you can consult in case you need any help or advice during the translation process.

Have an organised agenda of translation projects

It’s very important that the deadlines for different translations don’t overlap. In addition, it’s important that you don’t take on too many translation projects, you don’t want to be swamped with work! Don’t promise to deliver translations before a specific time if you know that you will not meet the deadline. Remember that the customer depends on you finishing the translations within the timeframe they specify.

Now, what is it like to be a freelance translator and work for GearTranslations?

To start, you just have to register on the following link and complete your data, along with an aptitude test. If you approve this instance, you will begin to be part of the community and receive proposals for new translation projects.

At GearTranslations, a freelance translator has the freedom to manage their schedules and their translation workload. You don’t have to work on a fixed schedule or to reach a certain volume of translations. Your sole responsibility will be to deliver the translation projects that you assign yourself on time and with the corresponding quality, following the guidelines provided by Gear.

The main requirement is that you must be an active contributor and take translation projects regularly. Our system will deactivate your user if you don’t assign yourself at least a translation project once every 60 days.

If you are a professional freelance translator, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re waiting for you at GearTranslations!