Translation Agencies vs Translation Platforms

Which is the best translation service?


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We have already talked about the pros and cons of each type of translation service available (online translators, freelance translators, translation agencies and translation platforms) Today we’re going to take advantage of this space to tell you about GearTranslations and why our work system based on a collaborative translation platform is the option that combines the best quality translations with the highest speed of delivery, from when we receive the work order until we send the finished translations to our clients.

How does the GearTranslations platform work?

If there is something that stands out for our translation service then it has to be the ease and speed of translation delivery.The translation platform uses agile communication tools and also has a network consisting of hundreds of translators located in different parts of the world, all available to meet the needs of a client.

The process begins when the client loads the document to be translated just with two simple clicks. They get an immediate online quote for the translation and the translation project is created. The professional translator receives the document, analyses it, places it within a category (technical, literary, general, etc.) and assigns a working team composed of translators and suitable editors who will attend to that document. Quickly, all translators and editors start working on the document simultaneously, fulfilling different roles such as analyst, initial translator, editor, proofreader, etc. At the end, once the translation quality tests are passed, an e-mail is sent to the client with the document translations.

How do translation agencies work?

A translation agency is a multi-person entity that not only offers translation services in a wide variety of languages and fields but also manages the translation projects of its clients. But of course, the translation agency works with normal office hours, so you can’t expect them to attend to your needs 24 hours a day. They also have a limited and fixed workforce, meaning that they always work with the same translators. This initially gives a customer more confidence but after a while, translation agencies can suffer from the term ‘bottleneck’. When translation orders accumulate and fixed translators cannot keep up with the increased workload, then translation delivery times increase.

Like the collaborative translation platforms, translation agencies often work under high quality standards, but the delivery times of large translation projects can be up to 6 months, while with the GearTranslations platform, translation delivery times would fall to just 2 weeks. Sometimes, translation agencies can charge lower prices on translations, but this is only possible in exchange for a large waiting time on the translation list.

Speed, quality, attention and simplicity are the virtues that put GearTranslations above the likes of a translation agency.