[New eGuide]: How to manage multilingual content through inbound marketing tools

Engage with international consumers and maximise sales abroad!


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Using inbound marketing tools is a great way to boost sales abroad, without delving too much into your marketing budget. However, when you want to target more than one foreign market, creating and managing multilingual content for multiple email marketing campaigns can become one hell of a job. That’s why we decided to make an eGuide after going through this experience ourselves. In order to boost international sales during the internationalisation process, we faced many challenges on how to manage inbound marketing tools consistently across each market destination. Therefore, we want to share our tips on how to overcome the difficulty of a multilingual email marketing campaign. Sure, it won’t be easy, but where is the fun if there’s no challenge in it?

Choosing the best platform for you

In our eGuide, we lay out the best platforms and mailing managers that can help you develop your multilingual marketing content in each email. The most important thing is that you choose the one that suits your company and it’s internationalisation goals the best. Check out the costs too. Do they have the same features for different prices? What makes one more expensive than the other and will it benefit your campaigns?

Amount of leads permitted

A lot of mailing managers have a limit on the amount of leads you can have for free so take care with this. You don’t want to put all your efforts into one mailing manager if you end up having to pay more than you first thought down the line. This is difficult for multilingual email marketing campaigns because you’ll generate more and more international leads from each foreign market as your campaigns develop. If the mailing manager offers 2000 free leads to begin with, make sure you’re not just counting one foreign market. The number of international leads will more or less double for every foreign market and this will make it more expensive. Therefore, the mailing manager has to be cost beneficial for your company’s needs when facing internationalisation.

Type of segmentation offered

Segmentation is key for personalisation and providing relevant content depending on the interest of each international lead. If international consumers receive emails that they can relate to, sales abroad are likely to thrive. However, segmentation is a tricky one and you’ll have to rely on the help of the right mailing manager for separating different workflows and campaigns for each foreign market you want to target. You don’t only want to segment the source of where these international leads are located but you’ll also have to repeat different workflows for different market destinations. This may seem a bit overwhelming at first but we go through it fully in our eGuide to give you an idea of everything you need to do in order to optimise your multilingual content through segmentation, one of the best inbound marketing tools around!

A/B Testing

In our eGuide we mention the details of A/B testing and how it is crucial for optimising your multilingual content in each and every market destination. Through trial and error, you’ll be able to see how changes in your multilingual campaigns have an impact for international consumers’ interaction and ultimately, the rate of sales abroad. We provide 3 key aspects of emails that influence behaviour and how to change them effectively. We’ll also explain how you can integrate your company’s SMART goals into this testing in order to measure the performance of your multilingual email marketing campaigns.

There’s a lot more to consider than you may think

Now we don’t want to give too much away just yet, but for those that download our free eGuide, they’ll discover the all the cultural considerations that are crucial for a successful multilingual email marketing campaign. What are the best dynamics to help maximise sales abroad? What is the best email format for your market destination? And finally, what should you talk about to each foreign market?

So if this blog has got your raring to go and you want to discover all the tips and tricks of developing a killer multilingual email marketing campaign and kickstart the internationalisation process, then go ahead and download our FREE eGuide!