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GearCloud. Your content, your asset

GearCloud creates and stores all previously translated terminology data and multilingual resources in just one place. This means that your multilingual asset is easily accessible and available 24/7, and it also works as a backup tool.

We want our clients to know that their translated content is an international asset for them.

GearCloud helps saving costs in translations, as we will detect the phrases that have already been translated and reuse them in future translations at no cost.

And all these material is available for the client to download it in regular formats of common use to thrive on it even outside Gear, as it is their proprietary content and we believe they should not need a licensed software or particular tools to be able to access it.

We help you create the asset, and hand it in to you to thrive on it in any way you need.

By giving them the option to use our platform to create this multilingual content asset even on translations they have not done through us, we show them that we have their best interests at heart.

The Gear Cloud is a safe and encrypted tool that is only accessible to our users. The GearCloud structure matches the structure of businesses and helps enterprises leverage their sales because communication is made easier across a wider range of markets. Furthermore, GearCloud is safer than exchanging documents through emails.

This means clients have a full access to all their content from anywhere around the globe, making international business possible!

GoIntl – Multilingual Websites with One line of Code

This is automatic translation for non-internationalised websites. With a single line of code, your website or ecommerce platform can be available for potential users in any language you need and no web development or maintenance needed.

Through this tool, both professional translation and automatic translation options are available.

This means that companies can monitor the website traffic in the target languages and only invest in translating professionally those items or areas of the web that receive the most traffic, saving a lot of money.

As an added bonus, all your web content is stored and accessible for you at all times, and it gets updated automatically in all languages when you change it on your local version, as our translation software autonomously detects new content published on your site. You can then decide according to your budget which texts to translate automatically or professionally.

Multilingual exposure with no development or maintenance efforts. And higher exposure means more business opportunities!