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Crises create geniuses, or so they say. Well, if that is true, then it’s definitely the time to set up something for yourself. Freelancing is a good option opposed to working for bosses who are already having a tough time getting by. As Bob Dylan said, The times they are a-changing, and young, creative and flexible minds hold the future. New businesses and start-ups are sprouting everywhere and are tough competition for the traditional pre-crisis businesses.

Part of being a good freelancer or small entrepreneur is being up to date and keeping good contacts in your field. Few of us are born businessmen and some had never even imagined setting up their own business, but with effort most of us can make it work. It can sometimes be a bit lonely, especially for those who work from home. Apart from that you have to keep your enthusiasm and faith high which can be difficult after some misfortunes.

Working from a coworking environment is very popular and can help a lot for your general working mood. Being with other people daily who are setting up their own business just like yourself is inspiring. You’ll get many ideas and contacts for sure. Being able to come home afterwards instead of just turning off your computer at home helps to disconnect and relax. Living and working both from your house can be terrible if you can’t keep them separated!

It can be a very mind opening experience, to join a start-up event or convention where you can meet many interesting people, get ideas, contacts, information, education and mostly lots of energy to get busy when you return.

You can definitely find some local events in your area, just as national and European events like the South Summit: if you have a start-up business in the south of Europe, you can’t miss this event which will take place between the 8th and the 10th of October in Spain. Last year more than 7000 people attended. The best 100 start-ups will be presented to potential investors. You’ll find a lot of Mediterranean and Latin American talent here.

Another important event is Startup the Fusion, probably the most important startup event in the Nordics; inspired by a startup event in Norway.

But also things like the Startup Europe Partnership: several events of same format held in different cities throughout Europe. Find dates and locations here.

We can tell you all this from first hand experience, as Gear Translations has attended many of this kind of events to reach where we are now. Get connected and good luck!