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Free of charge, economical, or professional?


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You have received a document from your overseas client and you need to translate it. You are surely looking for a long text translator that is both online and free of charge, because that is— of course—what we all look for at first.

Although their quality is not the best, you can try the most recommended and well-known translators which they may give you a general idea of what the text is about:

El mundo


Now that you understand it, you see that it is necessary to use part of this material in your local sales presentation. You see that the level of translation is not good enough and you would not like to present a document that is not consistent with the quality of your work. You need a translation that sounds natural, as natural as the rest of the presentation that kept you writing at the office until late hours. We have found the solution for you:

Are those free of charge long text translators useful for any document?

The answer is a resounding NO. Online long text translators are not recommended for technical, business, or literary texts, since they produce meaning, syntax and grammatical errors, because they operate through software that translates on a word-by-word or short-phrase basis. Besides, technical translations have to be made by a human translator who knows about the subject in question and who knows the proper terminology.

At GearTranslations, we specialized in technical and business translations, and our strong suit besides the quality of our work, is the speed in translating our clients’ documents.

The process is very simple: you sign in to our website, upload the document that you want to translate, approve the instant quotation, a specialized translator analyzes it, and we designate a team of translators and editors to work on your Project. In a 2-hour period you can have the translation, made by experts, at your e-mail inbox. That’s right, 2 hours! The process is totally efficient and controlled. You don’t have to worry about anything, as there are confidentiality agreements and quality controls at every step of the process.

Is the price of hiring a translator high?

No, and you may remember that free and cheap things sometimes end up being expensive. You should always think that the cost of mistranslating a document using a free online long-text translator, which is not prepared to handle complex texts, might be much higher and generate misunderstandings or irreversible mistakes to your business.

We work with the best rates in the market. No one can surpass the speed and efficiency of our process. We always deliver a quality translation according to the highest standards of the market, and we adapt to great volumes of translations with very accessible rates.

Besides, the quotation is performed online, with no strings attached, and it can be paid with any credit card, or via Paypal or Mercadopago.

So, now you know, if online long text translators have complicated things more than they have fixed them and if what you are looking for is a translation of high quality with the fastest delivery times, do not hesitate: contact us!