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urgent translations

More than stocks, more than gold, more than a piece of land, if there is anything that seems to increase its worth daily in each part of the world is time. Minutes, hours, days are now a resource and a tool that, if used properly, makes each job and each project different from the rest.

At GearTranslations we know the needs of our clients; we know how to meet the orders of urgent translations because we focus our work in complying rapidly with those who place their trust in us, without losing, of course, the quality in each of our projects.

How do we connect speed with quality?

The process we have developed in GearTranslations not only made us the fastest in the market, but it also has positioned us among the translation platforms with the highest quality levels.

The key of this process lies, on the one hand, in those who really make Gear what it is: the almost 1000 linguists that are part of our work community, who perform different roles in each document, such as text analysis, translation, edition, and final revision. All the steps of the process are performed simultaneously ensuring speed and quality.

A case that can be similar to yours

A few months ago we received an order of an urgent translation. A client, account executive of an important advertising agency, found himself with the news—5 hours before giving a presentation to a very important client—that part of the audience that would be in the presentation would be comprised of French, American, and Chinese people. He contacted us almost in despair and asked us to do an urgent translation of his presentation from Spanish to English and to Chinese. The first thing we did was to calm him down and explain him that 5 hours was enough time as we were prepared for these emergencies.

He uploaded his project on our website, we analyzed it instantly, we created a quotation that was not increased by the fact that it was an urgent translation—because for us, all translations are urgent—he approved the quote and two hours later he downloaded his presentation translated into English and Chinese. The following day he gladly informed us that everything had gone great.

Don’t doubt it! You can also contact us both for an urgent translation and for highly complex translations, such as technical or industrial manuals. We are waiting for you!