Translation Agency vs Translation Platform


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We have talked about the pros and cons of each type of translation service available (online, freelancers, translations agencies, and platforms) in Translator a la carte. Today we will tell you why GearTranslations and its collaborative platform-based work system is the best option, combining top quality and fast turnarounds, from the moment we take the job order until we send the finished translation to the client.

How does the GearTranslations’ platform work?

This type of service stands out because of its speed and ease of use. This is the result of platforms implementing dynamic communication tools and having a network of hundreds of linguists located around the world, ready to meet the client’s needs.

The process starts when, with just two simple clicks, the client uploads the document to translate, obtains an instant online quote, and automatically creates a new project. A linguistic specialist receives the project, analyzes it, classifies it under a category (technical, literary, general, etc.) and assigns it to a work team, made of translators and skilled editors who will work on it. They all start immediately working simultaneously on the document, playing different roles such as analyst, initial translator, editor, reviewer, etc. Finally, after all quality tests have been passed, the client receives an e-mail with the translated document.

How do translation agencies work?

The translation agency is an entity constituted by several people, which not only provides translation services in a wide variety of languages and scopes, but it also manages its clients’ projects. But, of course, the agency works at normal business hours, so you cannot expect that they meet to your needs 24/7. They also have limited and fixed manpower, meaning that they always work mainly with the same translators. This might seem more reliable for the client, but many times the agencies reach what is called a bottleneck: translation projects accumulate, translators available are not enough, and then the delivery times get longer.

Like collaborative platforms, translation agencies tend to work with high levels of quality, but delivery times of big projects can be of up to 6 months, while with GearTranslations’ platform the delivery times would drop to only 2 weeks. Sometimes, agencies can offer better rates on translations, but this is only possible due to a long delivery time.

Speed, quality, assistance, and simplicity are the virtues that make GearTranslations a better option over a translation agency.